Dentist Medical Uniform Tunic

Dental Protective Clothing from Mackenzie & Co


Mackenzie’s exclusive medical uniform tunic is designed for comfort, durability, and simple care.
This tunic features half sleeves length with unisex styling, standing neck collar, and button front closure.
The medical tunic has a length of 31-inch.
Made with a soft blend of 65/35 polyester-cotton fabric.
Personalize it by adding your clinic or hospital name and logo on the tunic with our customized print or embroidery options.

The arm lift system provides the tunic with great freedom of movement,

while the spacious pockets provide ample space for carrying diagnostic instruments, writing utensils and notes.

Because the pullover tunic can be worn by women and men, and is available in many great colors,

it is perfect for creating uniformity amongst the staff in the sense of corporate identity.


Product Details

  • Dental Tunic
  • Half-arm
  • 2 spacious side pockets
  • Arm lift system for optimal freedom of movement
  • Made from soft, lightweight fabric
  • Highly comfortable
  • Suited for industrial wash
  • Available in many modern colors and a comprehensive range of sizes


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